Breast Darn Thermography Blog Ever ~ This Ain't Your Mother's Breast Screening! Is your clinic performing thermography correctly?

Breast Darn Thermography Blog Ever ~ This Ain't Your Mother's Breast Screening!               Is your clinic performing thermography correctly?

Thermography Lawsuits are Increasing ~ Save Yourself Save Your Breasts

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Thermography companies and academies want to make a profit; they are telling you exactly what you want to hear: “Help save lives!” What they aren’t telling you is that non-medical personnel cannot practice medicine without a medical license. Think about it. Does an ultrasound or mammography technician own the company and discuss your results? Question. Why are you trusting your breasts and your health to someone without any medical background?

The Vajayjay Desert ~ Dealin’ With The Dryness

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Feeling parched? Most women are stunned to learn that estrogen has nothing to do with keeping the vajayjay moist and actually increases risk of breast cancer plus other serious issues. Learn about the mysterious vajayjay. 4 simple tips to moisturize the desert, dealin' with the dryness, which will bring you to an oasis of vajayjay health.

The Vajayjay Instructions ~ How to Keep Her Clean & Healthy

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Anyone new to the Living Commando Lifestyle may likely have a few hesitations, and rightly so. Our mothers have done a fine job using scare tactics, AKA proper etiquette, to ensure we’re not caught dead without our panties. Finally, instructions for happy and healthy vajayjay.

Live Commando! Drop Your Panties For A Healthier Lifestyle

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Did you know your underwear may be increasing health risks? Don’t get your panties in a bunch. 7 reasons to drop your panties for a healthier lifestyle.

Chew on This: Thermography Cannot Prove Gum Disease Causes Breast Cancer

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Sink your teeth into knowledge. Amateur thermologists and dentists telling women to extract their root canals to reduce risk to the breast is unfounded, is fear mongering and creates unnecessary concern while not addressing the true issue. As consumer advocates for breast thermography we explain this false claim in order move forward in a more productive manner, decreasing breast cancer.

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