Drink it up! 5 Reasons Why Your Alkaline Water Isn’t Hydrating You & Is Loaded With Hormones

Wendy Sellens


Hormones in our drinking water? Alkaline versus acidic water? Feeling overwhelmed? 5 simple tips to ensure you are benefiting from your alkaline water system while reducing risk of breast cancer, infertility and testosterone deficiency. Dive in and learn more.

Hey troops! I hope by now you all are swimming in the alkaline seas. As you are probably aware, cancer is not able to grow in an alkaline state, but it thrives in an acidic state. That is why many families are purchasing alkaline water filtration systems to reduce risk and hydrate with "live" water. However, I find many of my patients have not purchased the correct components for an alkaline water filtration system  or making simple mistakes which are easily corrected.

Of course, I can’t just write a blog, I have to point out a lie we have all been fed: We have been indoctrinated to believe that it is a health requirement to drink 8 glasses of water a day. There is no evidence, not counting magazine articles, to prove this is true. In fact, this much water may overwork your kidneys and cause damage over a long period of time. Only drink when you are thirsty! By now you know my motto – your body knows best! It will tell you when you need to drink, this is called thirst. If you’re not thirsty, don’t drink.

The problem is, the majority of you are drinking dead water; yup, dead, it is true. When you make the changes I’m about to reveal to you your thirst will be quenched, you may notice you are not constipated (you should be having at least one bowel movement a day to remove toxins) and tons of other surefire signs. How many of you drink 8 glasses a day and still look tired, feel thirsty and may be constipated? The tips provided in this blog and my book Breast Cancer Boot Camp-Dr. Hobbins’s Breast Thermography Revolution will ensure you are drinking “live” water, which will sufficiently hydrate you. And of course, I will also educate you on how your drinking water may be increasing your risk for breast cancer, infertility and testosterone deficiency.

Let’s dive in…

    1. Alkaline water must be consumed on an empty stomach

      Most people make the mistake of drinking alkaline water when eating. As soon as you put the first bite into your mouth the digestive process begins. You start to salivate, which alerts the stomach that food is on its way and to prepare for digestion with gastric juices, which are acidic. In order to receive the benefits of alkaline water it must be drunk on an empty stomach with nothing added to it, just straight from your dispenser. I suggest the first thing you do when you wake up is drink 6-8 ounces of water. In the beginning your body will crave more water, once you satiate your system then you will require less. Everyone requires a different amount, so don’t force anyone in your family to drink more than they may need.

        2. Don’t add anything to your drinking water, keep ’er clean

          You can drink tea, coffee or whatever throughout the day, but for your required drinking water keep ’er clean – just water straight from your dispenser. Adding products to your drinking water may make it acidic. In order to get the benefit of your alkaline water, just drink it plain on an empty stomach.

            3. Heating water destroys it

              The water molecule is hexagonal or 6-sided, which is small enough to fit into your cells and hydrate you. When you heat or boil water you break the water molecule apart and it becomes 12- or 13-sided, which is too big to fit into your cells and won’t hydrate you.This is what is considered dead water and what the majority of water people are drinking. If your water filtration system is hooked up to electricity it is destroying the water molecules, this includes tap water and most bottled water.  If you are going to a water store they are usually pumping the water from their tanks to your jug with electricity, unless they advertise otherwise. The water filter we recommend uses a pressure system with no electricity involved, this keep the beneficial hexagonal shape.

              If you want to make tea and want to keep the water molecule intact, watch the water boil and as soon as it makes its first bubble pull it off and steep you tea in warm water. Or make sun tea. I love the idea of the sun’s beneficial energy brewing my tea, it creates a more healthy tea. Try it, you’ll be an addict.

              4. Additive alkaline water versus mineral infused water

              In the old days when people went to fetch water from the well or river it was “live” water due to the minerals creating alkaline water. Most alkaline companies use an additive to make their water alkaline. How do you know it is an additive? The alkaline water reverts to its acidic state, or dies within 48 hours. There are two water systems that I know of, there may be more now, that infuse calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium into the water molecule, just like well or river water, minus the bacteria. If you have this system you do not have to consume any of these supplements because you are drinking “live” 6-sided water, and what minerals your body does not need is efficiently urinated out. This is the best way to get your daily minerals, so stop using calcium supplements, drink "live" alkaline water.

              5. Water filters must be 1-2/10,000 of a micron

              Did you know it is impossible to filter out medical waste in the city sewage system? If you have a reverse osmosis system or something similar and don’t have a filter that is 1-2/10,000 of a micron you are drinking your neighbors Lipitor, Ambien, Xanax, pain meds and breast cancer-linked birth control pills and hormone replacement pills. Have you heard or seen the articles where fish, whales and other water creatures are on The Pill? This is how. One of the reasons breast cancer is increasing (80 percent of breast cancers are fueled by estrogen) along with testosterone deficiency and infertility is we are drinking everyone’s medical waste. This disgusted me when I first heard it; I hope it does the same to you and lights a fire under your sweet behind to drink clean water.

              Reminder- Don’t drink out of plastic due to BPA.

              Avoid BPA-free products, too. New research is revealing that BSA found in BPA-free products may be carcinogenic. Keep it clean - only drink from metal or glass.

              This filter will also get rid of fluorine and chlorine which are neurotoxins. A neurotoxin is a poison that acts on the nervous system, resulting in interference with neuron communication. Neurotoxin exposure can cause mental retardation, memory impairment, epilepsy, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Fluoride is a toxic waste byproduct of the aluminum production process. It is commercial grade hydrofluoric acid that everyone is ingesting; it is NOT a pharmaceutical grade fluoride that you can purchase at a pharmacy.

              The American Dental Association has announced that it is not appropriate to use fluoride on children under the age of 5. Read the warning label on toothpaste containers and you will see that it cautions ingestion by infants.

              WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years  of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional assistance or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.

              In fact, New Hampshire mandated a water bill warning of the toxic side effects of fluoride on infants. If this does not disturb you, consider the fact that the average adult is about 60 percent water (as a weight ratio) and an infant can be up to 79 percent.

              Drink up buttercup – hydrate while preventing breast cancer with “live” water.

              You'll be surprised how affordable these systems are.                   

              Approved estrogen free™ water systems - The non-profit, nor I, don't receive compensation from these companies. I share them to help YOU and your family.

              Only one company sells the micron membrane required to remove medical waste, that I know of  - Filtercon Technologies.


              Made with heaps of love, insurmountable work, oodles of research, the usual blood, sweat, tears, and of course sacrifice of my social life and a few minor melt downs. #thebreastdoc Wendy Sellens DAOM WABT-BTI ~ THE No BS Breast Thermologist

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