Breast Darn Thermography Blog Ever ~ This Ain't Your Mother's Breast Screening! Is your clinic performing thermography correctly?

Breast Darn Thermography Blog Ever ~ This Ain't Your Mother's Breast Screening!               Is your clinic performing thermography correctly?

Breast Thermography Crash Course ~ THE Answers You've been Searching for with Images

Wendy Sellens

You’ve seen thermography pop up in your FB feed and on Twitter, but what the hell is breast thermography? Welcome to the breast thermography crash course! 19 answers, with images, to the most frequently asked questions explained by the pioneers in breast thermography. Get the facts before you make your breast thermography appointment.

Why Estrogen Makes You Craaazy

the breast doc

Another side effect of excess estrogen or being hormonally imbalanced is irritability. But, come on, let’s call it what it really is – CRAZY! How many jokes do we have to hear about monsterating, er, I mean menstruating? Want to know a secret? All of that “craziness” is NOT normal! Let me repeat that – PMS or “Crazy Time” is NOT normal! Want to stop being a knife wielding, crying, then cursing, guzzling wine right out of the bottle lunatic in yoga pants monthly? Educate yourself!

Save the bros ~ Testosterone Facts Not Phallacies

Wendy Sellens

12 simple tips to increase testosterone. This might be hard to swallow, but are men being attacked by estrogen? I'm not talking about when you get dragged out to watch some damn Nicholas Sparks film. I'm talking about the hormone - estrogen. It's been a long time coming, but I'm about to blow the lid off of the low testosterone issue. This might be uncomfortable, you may even get your knees dirty, but open up wide and let me give you what you deserve...the truth. It's time to Man Up.

Dance Makes Us Sexy, Skinny, and Smart

the breast doc

Slip on your heels and hit the dance floor. Dance increases circulation, strengthens muscles, benefits the brain, decreases weight, relieves stress, raises confidence, and makes our spirit sing, thus creating breast health. Dancing is the breast exercise.

Thermography Lawsuits are Increasing ~ Save Yourself Save Your Breasts

the breast doc

Thermography companies and academies want to make a profit; they are telling you exactly what you want to hear: “Help save lives!” What they aren’t telling you is that non-medical personnel cannot practice medicine without a medical license. Think about it. Does an ultrasound or mammography technician own the company and discuss your results? Question. Why are you trusting your breasts and your health to someone without any medical background?

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