Save the bros ~ Testosterone Facts Not Phallacies

Wendy Sellens

12 simple tips to increase testosterone. This might be hard to swallow, but are men being attacked by estrogen? I'm not talking about when you get dragged out to watch some damn Nicholas Sparks film. I'm talking about the hormone - estrogen. It's been a long time coming, but I'm about to blow the lid off of the low testosterone issue. This might be uncomfortable, but you deserve...the truth. It's time to Man Up.

Hey bros, ever wonder where all the men are? I’m #thebreastdoc and I’ve been educating our sisters on #honesthormones! Why, you may ask, am I telling you this? The answer is simple: You’re not immune. Testosterone, like estrogen, is widely misunderstood by the majority of the medical community, and that’s why low T is being called a “new” health disorder and is currently on the rise.

We’ve been lied to, but I am here to tell you the truth so you can regain your strength.


Being an Alaskan girl, I adore a “man’s man” and want to assist keeping men burly. I touch on this subject, The Vanishing Men (The Feminization of the Male Species), in chapter six of my groundbreaking book, Breast Cancer Boot Camp-Dr. Hobbins’s Thermography Revolution. I use several examples from scientists observing the male species disappearing in the animal kingdom -- absolutely fascinating stuff and is reflection of what is happening to you.


Some of you may be aware that breast cancer is increasing in women AND in men. The American Cancer Society has noted a 0.9 percent rise in male breast cancer from 1975-2006 and cite the reasons as “unknown.” Well, the reasons aren’t unknown – read on.


Testicles have decreased in size by a third since the early 1900s. Seriously guys, that should scare the hell out of you! Along with rising sterility and testicular cancer, you should be questioning what is causing these detrimental increases in men's health. It is all tied to the rising levels of environmental estrogens. Breast cancer is theoretically more rare in men than in women, simply because you have higher levels of testosterone than women. But what if you have low testosterone? Read on how to effectively reduce estrogen, raise testosterone levels and to avoid Low T myths!

"Man" opause

It’s true, guys – menopause is a real thing, it’s male menopause. Symptoms are low testosterone, low libido, increased body fat, loss of muscle, reduced strength, decreased bone density, tender breasts, hot flashes, decreased energy, changes in sleep patterns, depression, emotional changes such as a decrease in motivation or self-confidence or concentration/memory. This is usually caused by increase in environmental estrogens. Increase testosterone by becoming estrogen free®.

The sex talk

Low sex drive is a surefire sign of low T in both men and women. Since I research the effects of hormones with thermography with my patients, we always eventually circle back to sex. Yup, I discuss sex all day and how to improve it. (I love my job). If you want to improve your passion (libido), it’s easy: raise your testosterone levels.


The Low Testosterone Starter Pack

I say this every day, hormones are easy! By simply removing what is increasing low testosterone – estrogen you will finally be able to raise your testosterone levels. Estrogen dominance IS the cause of low testosterone. You’ve struggled and tried everything else. Just remove these estrogens we are about to go over and give it 30-90 days.

If the ladies can do it, then you can!

Just a preview...

Testosterone 101

First, I need to take you guys back to school. That’s a good thing – an educated man is attractive! If you are bored with facts and just want the meat, scroll down to the tips below.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I will show you with thermograms throughout this blog what low testosterone looks like. Men shouldn't get breast cancer because they have high amounts of testosterone and their chest should be non-vascular or no visible blood vessels. Some of these images are women simply due to the fact that the bulk of my research is breast cancer.

Normal = no visible blood vessels. Got it? Now you.

See the blood vessels? That is NOT normal and a sign of low testosterone.

So, let’s get the facts straight. Doctors tell men all the time that the male hormone, testosterone, can biosynthesize, or change into estrogen. It’s technically not true. Testosterone can theoretically be biosynthesized into estrogen with manipulation, but this must be accomplished in a lab. Testosterone cannot turn into estrogen and estrogen cannot turn into testosterone naturally in the body.

Let's review hormones. Think of a fork with three tines. The handle or source of all the sex hormones is cholesterol. From the source, each of the sex hormones are created: one tine is estrogen, the second is progesterone and the third is testosterone. All similar and all from the same source, which is an alteration of the cholesterol molecule – so it’s possible to manipulate these similar hormones by removing or altering an OH group in a lab, but it doesn’t just happen naturally in our bodies.

Another argument is that the adrenals will create hormones. This is true, but ONLY in case of an emergency, if our ovaries or testes are damaged. For example when a man is castrated he can still grow a beard, this is due to the emergency backup, the adrenals. If the ovaries and testes are working fine, the body is functioning correctly and the adrenals will not interfere. The body knows best, it will not make excess hormones in the adrenals, unless you have a rare disease.

William B. Hobbins M.D., my mentor and renown breast surgeon, has used testosterone to shrink breast cancer tumors since the ’70s. He’s also treated prostate cancer with estrogen. These are examples of what’s called an endocrine antagonist. The theory is that when testosterone is reduced in a male with elevated PSA and he is treated with estrogen (an antagonist to testosterone), PSA will drop to zero. Estrogen blocks the testosterone to diminish its effect on the prostate. Now in the case of breasts, Dr Hobbins has used testosterone therapy in metastasized recurrent breast cancer and was able to shrink tumors. Just as estrogen is used to block testosterone in prostate cancer, the testosterone will block the estrogen in the female breast in the case of breast cancer. If testosterone changed into estrogen this would cause the breast cancer to actually grow and possibly mestastize, not shrink it.

An interesting fact is that when you treat prostate cancer with estrogen, men experience a side effect called gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts. Basically, the guys’ breasts stimulated from the excess estrogen, causing breast tissue growth AKA Man Boobies. This is how excess estrogen can lead to breast cancer and low testosterone in men.

This same circumstance is evident in transgender supplementation; most doctors who specialize in these procedures can substantiate the fact that testosterone cannot biosynthesize into estrogen. When women want to become men, they inject extremely high amounts of testosterone to shrink their breasts. The opposite is true when men want to become women, as they inject high doses of estrogen for breast growth.

The argument that testosterone can change into is estrogen is due to an enzyme called aromatase. There is a drug for breast cancer patients that is supposed to block this enzyme. Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs). Since we specialize in monitoring breast cancer treatments with thermography we have never been able to prove this drug works. And I have just explained why, with basic physiology.

Just ask my breast cancer patients if AIs are effective. Looking at her thermograms do you think AIs are effective at reducing estrogen?

I forgot to mention my partner, Dr. Bales in picture above, his father invented the first digital infrared camera. His company supplied our military from 1980-2000s. You military men were using The TIP Bales infrared camera. Due to that one of our clinics is in the largest private medical practice in California. The clinic was featured in a documentary the “Truth About Cancer” and you can watch my partner explain the incredible technology, thermography. I get to see and research all the latest and greatest cancer treatments. Just because I am the first doctor to publish this research doesn’t mean I’m incorrect – just the first. I’m waiting for the medical establishment to catch up! As I tell all my patients – you will know and understand hormones better than your doctor, guaranteed.


Testosterone FACTS not phallacies– the estrogen-free® list

1. Supplement with testosterone.

If you have low T the easiest way to raise it is with testosterone. However, there a many issues that are keeping you from actually raising your levels. We will discuss creams and shots.

Bio-identical testosterone cream: Apply it directly to the shaft because this is where testosterone receptors are located. There are no receptors in your thighs or abdomen. Applying it to these areas is a waste of your time, product and money. There are certain receptors that correspond with certain tissues. Testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are sex hormones and correspond to the corresponding sex organs/glands. There are no receptors in the skin for sex hormones as they are not needed.

Shots/injections: This will blow your mind and the reason you continuously have low testosterone! For injections or shots avoid oil carriers made from flax and sesame.These are plant estrogens and will increase estrogen levels seen as nipple tenderness and weight gain.

To make this clear how much estrogen is in your testosterone let's break it down. Flax is 20x stronger than soy. 1/4 of flax is equal to 5 cups of soy. That is why your levels are low because you're injecting the strongest phytoestrogen. Oh, and here is the research.

Implications of Phytoestrogen Intake for Breast Cancer by Christine Duffy, MD; Kimberly Perez, MD; and Ann Partridge, MD; CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, 2007;57;260-277.


Phytoestrogen Content of Fruits & Vegetables by Gunter G.C. Kuhnle,


Request oil carrier made from peanut, if not allergic, and grape seed.

Don’t stress – as we’ve already explained, testosterone won’t magically become estrogen.

Most Americans are consuming estrogen and don’t even realize it, hence the rise in Low T. Become estrogen free® to increase testosterone. It is that simple. However, it is required to be monitored by a doctor since testosterone therapy may increase risk of prostate cancer. Better safe than sorry and keep an eye on your levels.

2.Testosterone Free supplements are a BIG fail

Welcome to hormone hell, guys! Just like my estrogen dominant patients you can’t balance your hormones because hormone specialists are scamming you by selling you the very product that keeps you estrogen dominant AKA low testosterone - estrogen!!

A male patient came in complaining about sore nipples and low libido. I tell him that’s a sign of excess estrogen! He told me he only takes testosterone, I told him, “ prove it,” show me your supplements.

Free testosterone contains the very ingredient used for women to promote lactation (which doesn’t work either)!

Men and bodybuilders are on a lactation supplement, My Brest Friend, can’t even make this up if I tried! We are living in a clown world!



Ditch that nasty hormone estrogen, fenugreek, and finally get pumped.

3. Avoid “natural” estrogen blockers

Check out this video I posted 8 years ago. This may change your mind about estrogen blockers:

These products sound effective, but actually don’t work at all! I monitor breast cancer patients with thermography and I have never seen a decrease in vascularity or risk with these products; in fact, many increase risk their risks with these ineffective products. I consult a lot of gym rats who buy this crap, don’t waste your money! Watch the video to see with your own eyes. By using testosterone and/or being estrogen-free® you are decreasing your estrogen levels, you don’t need to block them. Just stop using what is causing the problem, estrogen.



4. Avoid hormones in food

Health foods are making you sick!

Did you know the hormone they use to fatten livestock IS estrogen? Estrogen causes weight gain, that is why they choose that hormone. If your girlfriend ever went on The Pill you now know why she packed on the extra 10 pounds. That is why you need to eat organic to avoid raising estrogen levels.

Avoid Non-organic meats – beef, chicken, turkey, and pork.
Avoid Non-organic dairy – milk, cheese, sour cream and cottage cheese.

Animals, like humans are naturally hormonally balanced. The body is designed perfectly. Our hormones are made just for us and are not harmful to us. Estrogen dominance IS caused by environmental estrogens, meaning you must give the human or animal estrogen to create excess estrogen or low testosterone. I had to include feminization of the male species in animals in our book to prove if you give animals estrogen the result is sterility. Therefore, if animals had “hormones” like people say they would be extinct by now.  People saying animals have hormones are referring to feedlot animals that are given commercial grade estrogen to fatten them up. Don’t be fooled anymore by misleading arguments!

In fact, as I mentioned Dr. Hobbins cured breast cancer and many cancers. He did this with nutritional support, liver. His cancer patients removed all estrogens and ate liver. We also remove most supplements. We wrote an entire chapter how supplements are a making you sick. I think you are starting to see why. Interestingly, the Gershon diet, you know that juicing fad, well do you want to know why it worked? It wasn’t the juice. All patients were required to eat liver. Just Google and if they removed this information, I have the screen shot.

5. Avoid plant estrogens

The most surprising sources of estrogen are plant estrogens, which many believe are weak or insignificant. However, weak or not they’re still a hormone, and plant estrogens have the same effect as any other: they stimulate our receptors increasing estrogen levels in the body causing low T. Don’t let your crunchy hippie girlfriend convince you to eat these “healthy” alternatives. Think flax and soy are “natural” and "safe," read this blog:

The Flax Fairytale ~ Forget Flax and the Horse it Rode In On

Flax – oil, seeds, crackers, chips, cereal and milk (flax is 20 times stronger than soy).
Soy – tofu, edamame, fermented soy, cereal, milk, cheese and meats
Eggs labeled Omega 3 (flax) and fed soy
Garbanzo beans or chick peas
Sesame - oil, crackers or bread
Multigrain bread, crackers and cereal
Veggie burgers

This man came to me concerned about his low testosterone and sterility. He knew soy was harmful and had switched to sesame oil daily thinking he was being “healthy.” Fail! Sesame is in The Big 5 of estrogens to avoid. Him and his wife made small dietary changes by removing all estrogens and were able to conceive! Most people are surprised it is that easy, but after 15 years, it is that easy.

6. Avoid supplements with soy

Many of you are supplementing and most contain the plant estrogen soy. Soy is a cheap emulsifier but, using it in your supplements increase weight gain, especially around the abdomen and lowers testosterone. Wanna be rock hard? Dump soy!

7. Avoid CBD gummies and creams

Cannabis IS a phytoestrogen! When eaten or applied to the skin increases estrogen, which causes estrogen dominance, which IS low testosterone.

Questioning this? Good!! Let’s discuss the most vulnerable people to ALL estrogen - women with breast cancer. Let’s see how cannabis treatments work with breast cancer patients who are MONITORING the EFFICACY of cannabis and estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.

Just like flax, another popular phytoestrogen, for the last 20 years you can’t CURE estrogen receptor positive breast cancer with ESTROGEN. It causes the tumor to grow!! Ultrasound confirmed masses grew after 3 month of CBD therapy!

You can’t remove the hormones from the plant. Soy = tofu, edamame, tempeh or organic still contain the hormone estrogen! This is why oncologist tell breast cancer patients to avoid soy.

Do I even have to say it?! Stop taking advice from a supplemental company that is trying to sell you!!!

There is a war on men and the very people who are saying they are saving you, alternative doctors and supplemental companies are increasing your risk.

Exceptions for everyday use would be serious health conditions like seizures.

Or short term use for prostate cancer. As discussed above, but let's review. Estrogen cures prostate cancer just like testosterone cures breast cancer. This is called antagonist hormone therapy. My mentor, William Hobbins MD, cured both these cancers for 50 years with no chemo or radiation. Once patient is cancer free it is imperative to stop hormone use - CBD or RSO!

I have not been able to prove smoking increases vascularity (stimulation of blood vessels), this is why I say smoke. However, I’m accepting medical evidence. Don’t eat or apply to the skin!

CBD cream and edibles
Hemp seeds and lotion

If you've been downing CBD gummies and  using CBD creams this is the reason you're not able to raise your testosterone. Just stop!

8. Avoid estrogenic essential oils and herbs

What I am also seeing with my thermographic research is that some essential oils are plant estrogens, too, and may be found in organic products also. Avoid placing these plant estrogens on skin daily, limited use is fine.

Evening primrose
Tea tree oil
Clary sage
Sage                                                                                                                Patchouli

Herbs to avoid or use sparingly or only as needed

Use of fresh herbs or spices in food is encouraged. Not concentrated forms daily.

Aloe, Ashwagandha, Asian ginseng, Astragalus, Bitter Melon, Black seed, Burdock root, Chasteberry, Dandelion, Fennel seeds, Fenugreek, Hemp/CBD, Golden root/goldenseal, Hops, Licorice, North American ginseng, Milk thistle, Mistletoe, Rhubarb, Saw palemetto and Turmeric.



9. Avoid plastic, BPA Free products and toxic products

You all know BPA contains an endocrine disruptor. However, ALL petrochemical products contain a xenohormone or a commercial grade estrogen, raising levels in your body. BPA free products contain BSA which recently has been found to be toxic, too. Stick with glass and stainless steel, especially when freezing or heating food. Don’t cook with Teflon and rubber, which are also toxic when heated.

BPA free containers
Rubber cooking materials
Canned food – BPA in lining


10. Avoid tap, bottled water, reverse osmosis and filtered water

Tap and filtered water contain medical waste. Yup, you are drinking everyone’s Prozac, Lipitor and more importantly, for your hormone balance, HRTs (hormone replacement therapy) and BCPs (birth control pills). Check out my other blog for more information and to find special filtration systems: “Drink it Up ~ 5 Reasons Why Your Alkaline Water Isn’t Hydrating You and is Loaded with Hormones.”

Tap water
Filtered water – Britta, Pur etc.
Bottled water
Reverse osmosis filtration

11. Avoid non-organic skin care and household products

As mentioned above all products that contain petro-chemicals, which are commercial grade estrogens. This includes your laundry soap, deodorant and shampoo etc.

Avoid natural and organic deodorants, toothpaste, laundry soap, dryer sheets, hair care, beard care that contains these essential oils, which are phytoestrogens.

Evening primrose
Tea tree oil
Clary sage
Sage                                                                                                                              Patchouli

Take me shopping with you. On IG (instagram) I use a # you can follow for shopping trips #bodybytarget It's made for women, but applies to you men, too. Below is an example of # and a safer product to buy.

12. Avoid hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soaps

Triclosan, the active ingredients, is another endocrine disruptor, which actually the correct term is pseudo-estrogen. Ditch the and hand sanitizer and wipes!

It’s time to Man Up!


If you know what is causing your hormone imbalance then you can do something about it. I’ve kept it simple for you in the list above. Save the bros! Stop using these estrogenic products and reclaim your vigor and stamina.

Made with heaps of love, insurmountable work, oodles of research, the usual blood, sweat, tears, and of course sacrifice of my social life and a few minor melt downs. #thebreastdoc Wendy Sellens DAOM WABT-BTI ~ THE No BS Breast Thermologist

Wendy Sellens is a Chinese medical doctor, breast thermologist, thermography and hormone researcher and protégé to William B. Hobbins M.D., one of the original mammography researchers, leading researcher in thermography and renowned breast surgeon. She is following her mentor’s pioneering spirit and is president of the consumer advocacy group the Women’s Academy of Breast Thermography, president of The Pink Bow Breast Thermography Research and Education non-profit, author of seven books including “Breast Thermography Revolution” and creator of the Estrogen Free® lifestyle to dramatically reduce risk of breast cancer and hormonal disorders in the entire family.

I’ve provided the TRUTH & I DARE you to…learn more…join the rebellion!

Low T IS preventable with The Estrogen Free® Diet

Wanna cheat?

Get all the info today, read the groundbreaking book "Breast Thermography Revolution-Boot Camp for an Estrogen Free Life." on Amazon.

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