Breast Darn Thermography Blog Ever ~ This Ain't Your Mother's Breast Screening! Is your clinic performing thermography correctly?

Breast Darn Thermography Blog Ever ~ This Ain't Your Mother's Breast Screening!               Is your clinic performing thermography correctly?

Is Your Diet Causing Your Infertility? The Fertility Shopping List

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What is the hormone in The Pill  that makes you infertile? Correct - ESTROGEN.  Most women are shocked to learn they are consuming popular estrogen food products and don’t even realize it. To all you future mommies out there! This is your shopping list of the hidden estrogens that may be keeping you from rockin’ the cradle.

Dramatically Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer ~ Breast Cancer Boot Camp's Estrogen Free® Diet

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Sometimes the truth is simple. Breast cancer is one of the most heavily funded diseases of our time; it is also one of easiest to prevent. How? Simple. Since the majority of breast cancers are fueled by estrogen stop using and eating estrogens. Sometimes the solution is simple. Sometimes to hear the truth is difficult.

The Secret to Dense Breasts Doctors Don’t Even Understand

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All you see or hear in the media is dense breasts can’t be mammogrammed successfully, dense breasts increases risk – oh, what are we to do? Ignorance is one of the many reasons for the increase in breast cancer. If all the doctors out there understood basic physiology, breast cancer numbers would be minimal. , It’s sad, but true. To fight a disease you must acknowledge and understand the physiology behind it. Welcome to the dense breasts crash course.

Breast Canswers to Estrogen Lies ~ Rethink Estrogen

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Estrogen dominance is a disorder sold to us by the medical community which we swallowed daily. The medical community has always known that estrogen increases breast cancer. It is time to awaken from this nightmare and realize we had the power all along. We have a generation to save…our daughters.

The Father of Early Detection ~ The Ultimate Rebel

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No doctor has done more for early detection, progressive breast cancer treatments and breast cancer prevention then William B. Hobbins M.D. This maverick has truly been an unsung hero saving thousands of lives and revolutionizing the medical industry worldwide.

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