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Sometimes the truth is simple. Breast cancer is one of the most heavily funded diseases of our time; it is also one of easiest to prevent. How? Simple. Since the majority of breast cancers are fueled by estrogen stop using and eating estrogens. Sometimes the solution is simple. Sometimes to hear the truth is difficult.

Hey troops! Sometimes the truth is so simple that many of us cannot face it.  I wrote Breast Cancer Boot Camp – Dr. Hobbins’s Breast Thermography Revolution, to uncover and expose the lies we have all been told about estrogen’s role in breast cancer. This book reveals how deep it goes - how far it reaches. It reads like fiction, but it is the truth. This is an excerpt from my book… Welcome to The Battle of our Breasts.

“Women today are caught in a battle for our breasts and our lives. Every year, more women fall victim to breast cancer, and the United States leads the way with one of the highest occurrences of this horrific disease, as well as other cancers. It is time to take up arms and expose the deceptions surrounding breast health. Unfortunately, we are inundated with propaganda that tells us we can "stay young" with bio-identical estrogen, flax and soy-based products, when in fact, these recommendations are literally killing women. Excessive estrogen is the main culprit of breast cancer, yet estrogen therapies have become the mantra of breast health. When a statement is repeated enough times, people believe it to be fact, even without evidence to support it. If these types of estrogen are truly "healthy," why are breast cancer numbers rising, even amongst men? Do not let our fallen comrades become more statistics to fill headlines and further the "cause" for more walks.

This information may be overwhelming, but it is vital to understand the causes and conditions of breast cancer so that they can be treated and defeated. The first signs of overexposure to estrogen include the onset of menstruation before age 14, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), weight gain or inability to lose weight despite diet and exercise, abnormal hair loss, infertility, irritability, insomnia and hot flashes, among many others.

This book will evoke powerful emotions. The images and facts stated within will show women the opposite of what they have been told by trusted professionals. It will anger many, while some may not want to believe the evidence. We have been touted the benefits of estrogen for so long that we actually believe it. Some of us even question and flinch when a specialized doctor tells us that estrogen isn't helpful, but harmful.



Fact: 80 percent of breast cancers are fed by estrogen. Dramatically reduce risk by avoiding estrogen. Simple. Effective.

It is socially challenging to argue that excess estrogen is harmful, but we all know that discovering the truth can be scary. In order to defeat an enemy, we must know who or what they are. To shun the truth only promotes failure to take control of our health and future. Let's return to the basics when estrogen wasn't prescribed and we were actually healthy. This book is meant to serve as a reminder of how in the past we didn't turn to a pill to solve our issues, but instead employed common sense.

Breast cancer causes fear. This fear is the chain that keeps us locked in the cold manipulation of propaganda's promise of a cure. Prepare—be strong for the battle. Join the revolution. Arm yourself with knowledge—with knowledge comes power, and with power, victory is attainable. This book will change your breast health and your life.

Don't focus on a cure to an illness; focus on strengthening your health to prevent it! The only sure cure is prevention.”




Welcome to the Revolution! It is my hope you take the time to review our evidence and join the thousands of women who are transforming their lives by thinking for themselves and removing estrogen from their lifestyle. Only together can we win this war.


Wendy Sellens is a Chinese medical doctor, breast thermologist, thermography and hormone researcher and protégé to William B. Hobbins M.D., one of the original mammography researchers, leading researcher in thermography and renowned breast surgeon. She is following her mentor’s pioneering spirit and is president of the consumer advocacy group the Women’s Academy of Breast Thermography, president of The Pink Bow Breast Thermography Research and Education non-profit, author of “Breast Cancer Boot Camp – Dr. Hobbins’s Thermography Revolution” and creator of the Estrogen Free® lifestyle to dramatically reduce risk of breast cancer and hormonal disorders in the entire family.


Made with heaps of love, insurmountable work, oodles of research, the usual blood, sweat, tears, and of course sacrifice of my social life and a few minor melt downs. #thebreastdoc Wendy Sellens DAOM WABT-BTI ~ THE No BS Breast Thermologist

I’ve provided the TRUTH & I DARE you to…learn more…join the rebellion

Defend tee tees® breast cancer IS preventable with The Estrogen Free® Diet

Wanna cheat?

Get all the info today, read the groundbreaking book "Breast Cancer Boot Camp-Dr. Hobbins’s Thermography Revolution."

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