Why Estrogen Makes You Craaazy

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Another side effect of excess estrogen or being hormonally imbalanced is irritability. But, come on, let’s call it what it really is – CRAZY! How many jokes do we have to hear about monsterating, er, I mean menstruating? Every time we get upset or cry, “it must be your time of the month” is thrown in our face. Ughhhh! Sooooo frustrating. But …

How many times are they right?

Let’s face it – “our time” makes us irrational, unbearable and impatient. To add insult to injury, is that during this time, many of us feel as we have no control, only making the situation worse. We barely recognize ourselves. Then, we have to live with the fallout by feeling like a complete b*tch for hurting the ones we love. Annnnd this vicious cycle continues to repeat - monthly.

Want to know a secret? All of that “craziness” is NOT normal! Let me repeat that – PMS or “Crazy Time” is NOT normal! If you read one blog, make it this one, just for sake of vindication!

We have been brainwashed by doctors and media to believe that PMS and its symptoms, such as being crazy, are normal. Just because everyone experiences it now – my great-grandmother had never heard of menopause and did not have any symptoms – doesn’t mean it’s normal.  In fact, PMS is a result of excess estrogen, something that also causes  weight gain, hair loss, fibroids, dense breasts, symptoms of menopause, breast pain, infertility and an increase of breast and uterine cancer, just to name a few.

But here’s the thing: We are not estrogen deficient! If we want to heal ourselves, first we must face the brutal truth. Stop buying into propaganda that wants to sell products/supplements. Eighty percent of breast cancers are fed by estrogen. You know what that means? That means that if we were estrogen deficient breast cancer numbers would be significantly lower.

Being healthy is - BALANCE. A balance between estrogen and progesterone.

 Let’s go back to the classroom.

When we are going through puberty the first 14 days of our cycle is estrogen-involved. Estrogen is a stimulator, it causes our breasts to grow, and that is why during this time you may feel a tingling sensation due to growth from STIMULATION. Then the follicular cells, which are creating estrogen, magically transform to luteal cells, which produce progesterone. This fact is key to your well-being! Your body will always, always, always make equal amount of estrogen and progesterone from this process. Very few doctors remember physiology from medical school, so they misinform you and the public. When you understand how your body works you can understand when there is an imbalance or disease! Progesterone is calming, it’s the yin to the yang. It calms the breasts and stops their growth. Everything has it's balance or a complementary action. If we didn’t produce progesterone our breasts would continue to grow and we’d all have huuuuuge ones!

A normal amount of stimulation is healthy; like a cup of coffee, it gives us energy.  But that’s not what we’re talking about.  We’re talking about continuous stimulation, we’re talking six-Red Bulls-and-vodka-a-night kind of stimulation, one that keeps you wired and anxious. That’s what excess estrogen is doing to you – it’s keeping you over-stimulated.

The good news is that we’re not doing this to ourselves, at least our bodies aren’t. What’s causing excess estrogen is not our estrogen but what is called exogenous, or outside or environmental, estrogen. I explain in detail in my book, but here is a quick explanation: Environmental estrogens are bio-identical. Bio-identical does not mean “safe” or “natural”, it means same chemical structure. All environmental estrogens are bio-identical to our own. Environmental estrogens include birth control pills. And we all know what happens when you start these synthetic pills – you go crazy and gain weight! Now you know why, excess estrogen.

When you hear about hormones in food do you think to ask, what hormone? Well, it is estrogen. Estrogen causes weight gain in livestock. Don’t be a fat cow – stop using environmental estrogens.



What many people are shocked to learn plants contain hormones, too. Certain plants are phytoestrogens or plant estrogens. The medical community wants you to believe these are weak and they are compared to synthetics. But, as discussed, they are bio-identical to our estrogen. Like the medical community tells us they attach to our estrogen receptors like a lock and key. What they want you to believe is they block other environmental estrogens -- but they don’t! Scientists found that if you take equal amounts of estradiol and DES (synthetic estrogen) in the blood, more DES enters the cells than the natural hormone estradiol. What this proves is that our cells have an affinity for synthetic estrogen and actually produce more binding sites. Read more research in chapter 6, Eco-estrogens, of my book. 

But think about it, the plant estrogen is binding to our receptor, like a key to a lock. If it is attaching then it is simulating it! If it couldn’t attach then it wouldn’t simulate. That is why hundreds of studies on soy, a plant estrogen, are showing increased breast cancer risk with soy use. What our breast thermography research is showing, since the 1980s, is that all plant estrogens, including flax, black cohosh, red clover, sesame, hummus, and lavender – and some others - are also stimulating our receptors. Shocking!!!

Here are some more facts to think about.  Why is male breast cancer increasing? Why is Low T a new trend? Why is menarche (first period) decreasing? Normal is 14-16 and now girls as young as 5 are getting their period? Increased use of environmental estrogens is affecting everyone.

Estrogen is a stimulator and when it is excess it causes irritability and anxiety. Do you realize how many relationships are destroyed by excess estrogen? How many couples divorce during menopause?

I do! My mother and father were happily married for 20-plus years and then my mother started menopause and her doctor put her on Premarin, or synthetic estrogen, and she became incredibly emotional.  The full gamut of emotions for 5 years. After this horrific experience she understands why men divorce their wives after 20-plus years of marriage! My father loved my mother and instead of leaving he stood by her, which was very difficult on their marriage and actually preventable!

It is heartbreaking to realize how this hormone is affecting our lives! To hear my patients’ relief when I tell them crazy is not in their head, but due to excess estrogen, as seen in their thermogram. They appreciate, first that I acknowledge they “feel” out of control and second I can confirm it with a thermogram! My patients are absolutely relieved to have this horrible side effect decrease with removal of estrogen from their lifestyle and maybe an additional of progesterone cream to raise progesterone levels.

Another interesting fact is excess estrogen dampens our spark. Achieving hormone balance may reignite our passion and strengthen our bond with our partner.

Bad days due to a hormone imbalance are exhausting and now treatable!

Being estrogen free is not the answer to ALL your problems! But being hormonally balanced will make life a little easier – for everyone! Stop being a knife wielding, crying, then cursing, guzzling wine right out of the bottle lunatic in yoga pants monthly. Be estrogen free!®

For the ladies craving more info…

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Wendy Sellens is a Chinese medical doctor, breast thermologist, thermography and hormone researcher and protégé to William B. Hobbins M.D., one of the original mammography researchers, leading researcher in thermography and renowned breast surgeon. She is following her mentor’s pioneering spirit and is president of the consumer advocacy group the Women’s Academy of Breast Thermography, president of The Pink Bow Breast Thermography Research and Education non-profit, author of “Breast Cancer Boot Camp – Dr. Hobbins’s Thermography Revolution” and creator of the Estrogen Free® lifestyle to dramatically reduce risk of breast cancer and hormonal disorders in the entire family.

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