The Vajayjay Instructions ~ How to Keep Her Clean & Healthy

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Anyone new to the Living Commando Lifestyle may likely have a few hesitations, and rightly so. Our mothers have done a fine job using scare tactics, AKA proper etiquette, to ensure we’re not caught dead without our panties. Finally, instructions for happy and healthy vajayjay.

Hey troops! Anyone new to the Living Commando Lifestyle may likely have a few hesitations, and rightly so. Our mothers have done a fine job using scare tactics, AKA proper etiquette, to ensure we’re not caught dead without our panties. This blog is proper care and cleaning of the vagina.

Caring for her:

If you are worried about discharge, let’s get some facts straight. A small amount around ovulation is normal and essential for fertility, nice way to “check in” to see if your body is healthy. However, if you have more than this, and/or it has an odor, this is not normal and is a health issue. An odor is usually a tell-tale sign of an infection, and that can usually cleared up with antibiotics. Now days many women are choosing a more natural approach. Abnormal discharge, including smell, can easily and quickly be cleared up with a customized herbal formula from a Chinese medical or Ayurvedic physician. You’ll want find one of these two holistic physicians who specialize in herbs and will make a customized herbal formula (make sure it is a customized formula and not in a pill form). Gynecological issues, including dampness, can be treated quite easily with herbs tailored specifically for you with no side effects caused by antibiotics and hormones.

Foods that affect her

If you have chronic dampness,* including yeast infections, you may also want to consider changing your diet to a grain-free diet. You are what you eat, and eating damp engendering foods causes chronic dampness. Think about it, what happens when you get pasta, bread, rice and oatmeal wet? They get sticky right? Imagine what they do to your digestive tract: they create a swamp and can lead to what is called internal dampness in Chinese medicine, with one of the symptoms being excessive discharge. The swamp created by these foods also blocks absorption of nutrients from whole foods - meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Don’t forget: grains are carbohydrates, which is sugar, and we all know what sugar does - feeds yeast and causes weight gain. Do your bod a favor, ditch the grains. Also avoid deep fried foods that cause dampness too.

Many people believe dairy causes dampness. This is not exactly true for everybody. If you have never been able to consume dairy you are lactose intolerant and dairy may create dampness for you. However, if you ate dairy as a child and later you have become intolerant, or you realize it is causing dampness, this is another yellow flag indicating a health issue. Again, this can easily be cleared up with a customized herbal formula. RAW, not homogenized, dairy in moderation (hear me? - moderation) is a wonderful source of protein and fats that should be enjoyed without any side effects. If you can’t consume RAW organic dairy this is a weakness that you should address with a holistic physician, Chinese or Ayurvedic herbalist.

Cleaning her

Now that you cleared up the cause, let’s clean up the symptoms. On the pH scale the vagina is considered acidic and you want to keep that balance in order to reduce bacterial growth and infections. Douching with vinegar is simple and effective. Some people suggest apple cider, but white vinegar works just as well, too. I happen to prefer organic as the vagina is porous and absorbs everything which will be discussed in another blog.

How to do it: Run over to the pharmacy and buy a large bottle, hell grab a gallon, dealer’s choice, of vinegar and a box of douches. Pour out the cheap synthetic douche and mix vinegar with water. For yeast infection or severe discharge you can use all vinegar. For maintenance, use a 1/4 - 1/2, each person is different, vinegar and 1/2 to 3/4 warm water. Regular maintenance douching keeps the vagina at a healthy acidic balance, reducing risk of infections and abnormal discharge. Don't over douche!

Washing her

Clean the outside daily with organic soap. Synthetic soap, anti-bacterial soap and even natural soaps have hormones, pesticides and petrochemicals. You know that clean squeaky feel you get with these soaps? That is not good. These soaps strip your skin of its natural acid mantle. Yes, the body knows how to protect itself; it has been doing for thousands of years. The skin is also acidic and when you remove this protective film it causes dryness and is prone to bacterial infection (one cause of acne). Organic soap properly cleans the skin without damaging the skin from these horrible soaps.

Proper cleaning and diet should keep her happy and healthy. Now you, too, can Live Commando. Check out the benefits of Living Commando in this blog: Live Commando! Drop Your Panties For A Healthier Lifestyle

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*Signs and symptoms of dampness
Distention or fullness in the abdomen
Loss of taste and/or appetite
Heavy sensations in the limbs
Loose stool or diarrhea
Easily fatigued
Increased desire to sleep
Nausea and/or vomiting
Acid regurgitation

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