The Vajayjay Desert ~ Dealin’ With The Dryness

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Feeling parched? Most women are stunned to learn that estrogen has nothing to do with keeping the vajayjay moist and actually increases risk of breast cancer plus other serious issues. Learn about the mysterious vajayjay. 4 simple tips to moisturize the desert, dealin' with the dryness, which will bring you to an oasis of vajayjay health.

Hey troops! Next to answering questions about breast pain this is my second most-asked question. Clearly, you ladies are looking for answers and boy, do I have ’em. If you’re following my blogs, book, videos and social media, then by now you know my mantra: We must first understand how the body works in order to treat it. You asked for it, you got it, four simple tips to moisturize the desert, AKA: dealin’ with the dryness. I usually have fun with my blogs, sassy names for the vagina, but keepin’ it real for this blog.

Understanding what causes a desert

The vagina is completely misunderstood. It’s a smooth muscle with two glands (which are also smooth muscle) that when stimulated secrete vaginal fluids. The medical community believes location means correlation, and will inform women that the vagina is controlled by the endocrine system or hormones, specifically, estrogen. This is absolutely false! Trust in physiology, not medical rumors.

As you have learned, estrogen deficiency is rare. If women were actually estrogen-deficient like so many medical professionals want us to believe, then breast cancer numbers would reflect this and be significantly lower since 80 percent of breast cancers are fueled by estrogen. In fact, moisture increases in the vagina at ovulation, which corresponds to increased levels of progesterone. The eventual drying of the vagina is not an indicator of a decrease in estrogen; in fact, the majority of women who complain about vaginal dryness have excess estrogen! I want to repeat that since I have to deprogram most of you: Almost all of my patients who complain about vaginal dryness have too much estrogen, therefore lack of estrogen is not the problem. Then what the hell is the problem?

The eyes, ears, nose, mouth and vagina are orifices, openings in the body to which the environment has contact. Sorry to tell you but as we age the orifices will dry out - it’s normal and unfortunately completely unavoidable. Using an estrogen cream to keep the vagina moist is simply not the correct treatment. In fact, if you read the label on vaginal creams that contain estrogen one of the many side effects is breast cancer! Shocked?! *The rest of the side effects are listed below, prepare to be astonished. My breast thermography research confirms that vaginal estrogen creams increase risk.

Moisturizing the desert topically

It may be true that the cream itself may be keeping your vagina moist, but this has nothing to do with estrogen. As soon as you place something into the vagina you are stimulating it causing guess what, increased moisture. Also, ever think it is just the moisturizing properties of the ingredients that keep the vagina moist? Try using an over-the-counter cream without estrogen to keep the vagina moist. I don’t condone the application of petrochemicals into the vagina, as the skin is very thin and porous like your mouth, which means it absorbs more. I suggest an organic coconut oil as an overnight cream or lubricant. Keep it in the refrigerator, use a spoon to make a small ball, size of a small marble, everyone requires a different amount and insert with finger or applicator nightly or as needed. My patients respond quite well with this application.

Moisturizing the desert internally

All smooth muscle is influenced by the sympathetic nervous system. If you want to increase vaginal health, treat the sympathetic nervous system. Well, who the hell can do that? Chinese medicine. Acupuncture works on the sympathetic nervous system. I recommend seeing an acupuncturist and a Chinese medical herbalist (they may be different). Through holistic medicine, an acupuncturist can strengthen the sympathetic nervous system directly without any side effects plus other issues you may present with.

The herbalist will make a customized herbal prescription just for you (avoid an herbalist who wants to sell you pills and, of course, uses an excess of plant estrogen herbs). There are herbs that create moisture in what is called the lower jiao, where the vagina is located. The drying of the vagina might be an indicator of something else which your herbalist may also address with just one herbal formula; this is holistic medicine - treatment of the entire body all in just one formula (bottle).

In western society people don’t go to the doctors until they are sick, which has created doctors who can only treat illnesses. Once you have an illness or are sick, it is much more difficult to treat! This is why I am always strongly recommending Chinese medical doctors for prevention or anti-aging. They can see an imbalance before the disease, just like a thermogram can screen for a disease before other imaging devices. To be a healthy society we must be proactive not reactive. Start treating for vaginal dryness before you have it, because once you do it is harder to reverse!

Moisturizing the desert with foods

To bring moisture to the skin and muscles, we must eat foods that will do this for us as well as slow down the signs of aging. As we age, blood is shunted to the organs for survival which results in drying of the skin, causing wrinkles, gray hair and brittle fingernails. In Chinese medicine and in many cultures, you eat like for like: if you have weak digestion you eat Menudo, weak tendons eat Pho. You get the picture. If you want healthy skin, nails, hair and muscles (the vagina) eat meat or drink bone broth. Water hydrates, but it is the blood that moisturizes.

Playtime in the desert

To directly increase moisture into the vagina, stimulate it. Yup, you heard me, I tell my patients to play with themselves and I am telling you the same. See, I make learning fun - and you thought this would be a boring blog. Stimulation to the clitoris causes the glands at the opening of the vagina to secrete fluids. You can do this by yourself, with a toy or include your partner. Oh, I’m all about love for a healthy lifestyle, love makes the heart flutter (and a little bit more, according to this blog). You may need to discuss with your partner that this is a treatment which may not always lead to playtime, especially when you are having painful intercourse due to dryness. Involving your partner in your treatment may bring you closer and may lead to other healthy fun alternatives, you never know …

There you have it – simple tips to deal with the desert which will bring you to an oasis of vajayjay health.

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*Vaginal cream side effects provided by manufacturer

Important Safety information:

Using estrogen-alone may increase our chance of getting cancer of the uterus. Report any unusual vaginal bleeding right away while you are using vaginal cream. Vaginal bleeding after menopause may be a warning sign of cancer of the uterus. Your healthcare provider should check any unusual vaginal bleeding to find the cause. Do not use estrogen alone or estrogens with progestin to prevent heart disease, heart attacks strokes or dementia. Using estrogen-alone may increase your chances of getting strokes or blood clots.

Possible Side effects of Vaginal Cream
Breast cancer
Cancer of the uterus
Heart attack
Blood clots
Gallbladder disease
Ovarian cancer
High blood pressure
Liver problems
High blood sugar
Enlargement of benign tumors

Some of the warning signs of these serious side effects include:

Breast lumps
Unusual vaginal bleeding
Dizziness and faintness
Changes in speech
Severe headaches
Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Pains in your legs
Changes in vision
Yellowing of the skin, eyes, or nail beds

Call your health care provider right away if you get any of these warning signs, or any other unusual symptoms that concern you.

Less serious, but common side effects include:

Breast pain                                                                                   

Irregular vaginal bleeding or spotting

Stomach/abdominal cramps, bloating
Nausea and vomiting
Hair loss
Fluid retention yeast infection
Reactions from inserting Vaginal Cream, such as vaginal burning, irritation and itching.

Wendy Sellens is a Chinese medical doctor, breast thermologist, thermography and hormone researcher and protégé to William B. Hobbins M.D., one of the original mammography researchers, leading researcher in thermography and renowned breast surgeon. She is following her mentor’s pioneering spirit and is president of the consumer advocacy group the Women’s Academy of Breast Thermography, president of The Pink Bow Breast Thermography Research and Education non-profit, author of “Breast Cancer Boot Camp – Dr. Hobbins’s Thermography Revolution” and creator of the Estrogen Free® lifestyle to dramatically reduce risk of breast cancer and hormonal disorders in the entire family.

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