Chew on This: Thermography Cannot Prove Gum Disease Causes Breast Cancer

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Sink your teeth into knowledge. Amateur thermologists and dentists telling women to extract their root canals to reduce risk to the breast is unfounded, is fear mongering and creates unnecessary concern while not addressing the true issue. As consumer advocates for breast thermography we explain this false claim in order move forward in a more productive manner, decreasing breast cancer.

Hey troops! Something you need to be aware of: Due to false claims made by amateur thermologists, the medical community is not accepting the incredible screening applications of breast thermography. As consumer advocates for breast thermography we want to explain this fallacy to help set your minds at ease, so you can move forward in a more productive manner, decreasing breast cancer.


An unnamed thermography academy and certification center, overseen by an M.D., posted this picture with caption, “Some dentists have long claimed a relationship between oral bacteria and breast cancer. This picture to the left exemplify [sic]  how the bacteria spread through the lymphatic (immune) system and can enter the breast. For any doctors interested in incorporating Thermography into their practice visit our website….”

There is NO EVIDENCE that breast cancer is caused by bacteria. For 15 years Dr. Hobbins interpreted thermograms for a clinic in Texas determined to prove this theory. They were never able to. If these claims were valid I would have included this vital information in our groundbreaking book. In order to discuss a disease we must understand the mechanism behind it. Let’s go back to school, shall we?

Bacteria 101

We are made of bacteria, lots of ‘em; in fact, we can’t exist without them. Did you know that? It all starts in the beginning. The womb is a sterile environment. We are first exposed to our mother’s bacteria in the vaginal canal, in fact if a mother has a cesarean section and the baby isn’t exposed to her bacteria, it could possibly be fatal for the infant. In the beginning infants so are sterile their poop has no smell and is sweet. (Take our word for it, don’t try it.) Bacteria is so vital to our existence that without it we can’t even digest our food.

Bacteria doesn’t travel in one direction, it is all over our body and travels everywhere in all directions. If you have a boil on your finger you can draw blood and prove bacteria is located there, but there is no directional flow of the bacteria.

The body is fighting bacteria all the time, this is a fact. It is what strengthens our immunity and why you don’t want to over expose yourself to antibiotics, especially anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and household products. You become too sterile and weak, like the infant.

This is just one part of the story; now we need to explain lymphatics in order to give you the entire picture.

Lymphatics 101

The lymphatics begin in the appendages -- feet and fingers – and   travel up (not down, as amateur thermography clinics and dentists claim) to the left side into the jugular and subclavian junction under the left clavicle. There are no short cuts. One more time, the flow of lymph is from feet up, is a separate closed system all on its own, it has its own channels, just like the circulatory system. If you get infection in your fingers and get a red streak, that’s not the venous system, it’s the lymph system and the way the body rids itself of infection.

Some of you maybe shouting at your computer, “What about the heart?” Great question! With a root abscess that bacteria can possibly travel down the venous system, not lymphatic, into the heart, and if that valve has an injury or is weak that bacteria can cause an infection. But, an endocardial infection on the valve can be blamed on flow of bacteria from anywhere, not just the mouth.

From the face the lymphatic does travel down the side of the neck to the jugular, this is true; however, from the breast it goes up to the axillas or underarm, not down from the face to the breast. That we know, and we are accepting evidence from lymphatic specialists that there is no direct connection from face to breast.

Renowned breast surgeon Dr. Hobbins says surgeons used to perform radical mastectomies, which are a complete removal of the breasts and chest muscles, the pectorals, and he never saw proof of the lymphatics system connection that these amateur thermologists and dentists are suggesting.

This thermogram is claiming proof of lymphatic connection from the face to breast. What amateur thermologist don’t understand is that a thermogram can only measure the skin temperature. The breasts are actually a part of the integumentary system or skin and we can monitor the blood vessels within them or the circulation of the breasts. Thermography cannot measure the tissue of the breast, which is the function of the breast, just the skin which contains the vascular structures of the breast. The lymphatics are simply too deep to be seen. What you are seeing in the thermogram is stimulation of the vascular structures or blood vessels, not the lymphatics.

Let’s rule out further arguments:

Lymphedema - is accumulation of the lymph fluid, causing swelling, which is seen on a thermogram as cold.

Cellulitis - is a bacterial infection in the skin and the fluid is the same temperature as the surrounding tissue, which would be uniform, seen as hot in a thermogram. Again, the skin would also be hot due to increased circulation and the two couldn’t be isolated in a thermogram.

The vascular patterns seen in this thermogram are coincidence, which is not the same as correlation. It is possible to have a root abscess and a breast abscess simultaneously without one causing the other. We do recognize that a person’s immunity might be lowered, allowing for simultaneous infections. That vascular pattern is unrelated to teeth because it is anatomically impossible. That possible abscess in the breast is moving up and would drain in the upper quadrant.

A patient sent me a study saying she had proof gum disease causes breast cancer. This is what the researcher stated, “95 percent of breast cancer patients have root canals, therefore root canals cause breast cancer.” Really?! That I need to explain this fallacy is frustrating, but here it is. Ninety-five percent of people who have a broken leg have root canals therefore root canals cause broken legs. Coincidence does not mean correlation.

Next I will put to rest the holistic explanation, as I am a Chinese medical doctor. Dentists and amateur thermologists claim the teeth are connected to the breast meridians. First, there is no such thing as a breast meridian. There are actually several meridians that run through the breast. I assume what these physicians are trying to say is that the stomach meridian runs directly from the mouth down to the breasts -- but it doesn’t stop there, it actually ends in the feet. However, the mouth is an extension of the stomach just as the nose is of the lungs. But as I explained from a biomedical perspective, bacteria is everywhere.

I assume what they are trying to state is there is an energetic component. In fact, many Chinese medical doctors believe that the liver has more influence on the breasts than the stomach. Chinese medicine teaches that emotions can influence the organs, and issues with the organs can cause emotional imbalances. The liver is the most arrogant of the organs; in other words, the liver is a bully and overacts on other organs, which may cause stagnation to the breasts and may possibly cause an additional emotional imbalance as well.

While a root canal may be harmful to the body, it should not be used to scare the patient into spending thousands and subject themselves to evasive extractions to heal the breasts. Amateur thermologists and dentists telling women to extract their root canals to reduce risk to the breast is unfounded, is fear mongering and creates unnecessary concern while not addressing the true issue. Eighty percent of breast cancers are fueled by estrogen; excess estrogen or progesterone deficiency should be addressed, not bacteria, which is an integral mechanism to our survival. That leaves only 20 percent of breast cancers caused by unknown factors, which is not bacteria, however we recognize a weak person is susceptible to disease. Read our groundbreaking book, blogs and websites to learn how to dramatically reduce your risk today without straining your pocketbook!

An educated lady is a healthy lady. Sink your teeth into knowledge!

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