The Booby Trap - Estrogen Makes You Crazy, Fat, Old and Triggers Breast Cancer

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The Booby Trap - Estrogen Makes You Crazy, Fat, Old and Triggers Breast Cancer

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We have NEVER been estrogen deficient! PMS is NOT normal! The estrogen deficiency myth has increased the risk of breast cancer and is causing estrogen dominance, seen as PMS, symptoms of menopause, fibroids, weight gain, infertility and much more. Basic physiology, cancer statistics and fifty years of breast thermography research will prove estrogen therapies are The Booby Trap. Fairytales fed us the story of eternal youth and beauty. We never heard stories of the princesses aging, dealing with wrinkles, gray hair, menstruation, or menopause. Instead of happily ever after we are living in a pink-gilded nightmare. Wake up, Sleeping Beauty, your fairy godmother is the wicked witch and she is winning. A witch sucking the life and beauty out of you. I must warn you, if you bite into this apple, you will fall down the rabbit hole. Many women can't handle it because the truth is ugly and unbelievable. When the clouds have parted, you will see how famous doctors and the alternative medical community, that you have blindly trusted, are The Evil Villain. They supposedly liberated you from the pharmaceutical establishment only to ensnare you in another cage created by plants, oils, herbs and pretty promises. This is the Booby Trap. If you want to find hormonal bliss, and possibly, prevent breast cancer; you need to know how your body works. This basic education will prove estrogen therapies are dangerous. Get the knowledge and power to slay your own dragons, princess!


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