How to Find the Breast Darn Thermography Clinic in a World Filled with Fakes

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Breast thermography will not be accepted by the medical community until it is being performed correctly.

Welcome to THE No B.S. Breast Thermography blog. For several years I’ve been the “good-“lil’ physician/researcher: being polite and presenting my groundbreaking research, clinical study and medical evidence, all with minimum results. My voice is hoarse from shouting to warn you. The stress of life has made you busy and you have accepted misinformation as truth. You’ve been brainwashed by health fads, medical rumors, health food stores, wellness centers, the supplemental industry, uneducated doctors and manipulated studies.

That means I have a new job-deprogramming all of you!

Warning: You may find the truth to be ugly. Most of our mothers can’t handle it when the lies they have been told are exposed, but we are generation that questions. I’m going to pull back the curtain on The Breast Cancer Fairytale and reveal The Great and Powerful Villains.

The rules of this game are simple: You need to start thinking critically. In exchange I’ll make some boring material juicy as I possibly can. I know you looooovee gossip so I am going to serve up a big ole’ heap of controversy!

Your time is valuable, and so is mine, so we’re not going to waste any of it trying to wade through sugar coatings. All of the information I give you will be direct and straightforward, and I know you can handle it. Hell, you’ve danced in heels all night, power napped, reapplied makeup and still made it to work by 8 a.m., I know you can handle straight talk. Facts are a tough pill to swallow, especially new research, and many of you will be offended and want to yell at me.

Here’s where I tell you not to give in to your emotions but to take a deep breath instead. This is why you took all of that early morning Zen yoga training (well, and for that tight a**). Ladies, I am your underwire: I’m here to support, lift and make you fabulous, not let you fall.

Let’s get started.

Why is breast cancer increasing? Why is male breast cancer increasing? Why is the low testosterone trend increasing? Why is menarche (first period) decreasing (normal age is 14-16)? I know many of you have jumped on the trendy health fads like flax, bio-identical or natural estrogen, going to wellness or integrative clinics, spending thousands shoving multiple supplements down your throat while hooked up to vitamin IVs in a mobile van and yet we’re still considered one of the sickest countries in the world. Don’t even go there … quit trying to blame this on the Midwesterners eating fast food! Wellness centers and supplements are some of the fastest growing businesses being used now, more than ever, resulting in billions in revenue. But stop and ask yourself this: If they were effective why are the statistics increasing? Mull that one over while finishing emails, cooking dinner and listening to everyone’s day.

I’m taking you girls back to school!

Today’s lesson:

Thermography is NOT regulated!

Anyone can open a thermography clinic - and they are! Just like any pharmaceutical or medical equipment company, in this case the infrared camera companies, are hiring and minimally training salespersons to sell their machines to medical clinics and passing along their minimal training. These camera companies are quoting thermographic studies, but are not meeting the minimum standard requirements. Most of the thermography clinics training come from the camera company. You are putting your breast health in the hands of a camera company. There are only a handful of clinics in the U.S. who are performing thermography correctly. Let me repeat for those of you playing on your phone and not paying attention:

There are only a handful of clinics in the U.S. who are performing thermography correctly!

And you wonder why thermography isn’t accepted by the medical community?!

This is a quick lesson on finding the breast darn thermography clinic for your girls, hold on tight.

Breast Thermography 101:

Thermography can only measure skin temperature. It cannot analyze tissue, muscle, organs, or bones!

Hot tip: Avoid clinics performing full body thermography!

Don’t buy into the gimmick of full body thermogprahy, it’s just a ploy to get you to purchase unneeded supplements. Women are spending a $1,000 for full body thermography (normal rate is around $200 for the breasts) and then more for supplements to treat FALSE thermography claims. They claim to detect inflammation over the organs and sell treatments for the digestive tract, a liver cleanse, adrenal support and so on. Slip on your stilettos and run, run far away from these deceitful thermography clinics!

Stop spending your hard earned money on B.S! Guess what? YOUR breast can’t lie! Your thermograms will show each of you what supplements work and which don’t. Yup, thermography is bad a** It’s a superficial screening with the ability to monitor your supplements, certain food products, skincare products and actually show you which ones increase risk! Hells yeah, I will save you money and make you healthy.

Back to the chalkboard

Breast thermography is a painless, non-contact, non-radiation breast screening. It is safe for implants (yay), dense breasts, fibrocystic breasts, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Thermography can only measure skin temperature, which makes it incredible at breast screening, it is NOT diagnostic and does NOT replace mammography like some wanna-be thermography clinics are claiming.

The best time for women to begin thermography is when they’re still in their 20s. Though breast cancer risk is small – 1 in 19,608 women in this age group, versus 1 in 219 for women in their 40s – an early thermograph can set a baseline and provide an early assessment. Missed the deadline?! Many of us have, but it’s never too late to get started.

Breast thermography can detect an issue years before other imaging. Why? Breast thermography analyzes the blood vessels looking for specific vascular patterns and determining risk due to vascularity which is stimulation of the existing blood vessels or neoangiogenesis, new blood vessel growth, which causes a cancer to become invasive. FYI: A mammogram is NOT “early” detection! A positive mammo means you probably have cancer! How the hell is that considered early detection?

Hot Tip: If you search breast thermography most clinics are advertising color images searching for “hot spots.” This is a huge red flag. Primary interpretation is done in reverse gray or black hot.

Cancer tends to form specific patterns – ONLY seen in reverse gray images!

My information is spreading (yay) so breast thermography clinics are scrambling to catch up and are adding reverse gray images, but they’re still getting it wrong. Stick with the original, don’t go to a copy.

Avoid these clinics

*Camera optical line less than 480. Many clinics are now stating false optical line, ask for make and model to research on line for true measurements.

*No reverse gray images.

*Reverse gray images with NO specific comments, mention of Major or Minor patterns or delta T measurements. Usually these clinics have a gradient scale at bottom of page combined with a TH score (example below).

*No TH score (thermographic score) included for each breast**

*A point system score or full rating system . The TH score will have an actual score associated with it from 1-200 (Right Breast= 50 is TH 2). Thermographic studies have shown a 28 percent error rate with a scoring system.

*Interpretation done by a computer/software. This was attempted in the 70s and the million dollar study found interpretation by computer/software had a 28 percent error rate. A radiologist interprets your mammogram why would you accept less with thermography?  

*No delta T measurements. Delta T is the temperature difference between nipples, periareola, global heat (entire breast) and specific vascular patterns. Prepare to be shocked! Most clinics and thermography academies aren’t following thermographic studies and are using incorrect delta T measurements which would result in too many false positives causing panic. Let’s reduce your stress and follow the guidelines.

Here is another issue. Most thermography interpreters only take a weekend course followed by a 100 reports for review. Your interpreter took a weekend course from an academy teaching thermography incorrectly! Most of these doctors are men and most are chiropractors who have no experience with the breasts. Radiologists spend years studying. Why do you trust your breasts to less with thermography? ***Read a shocking yelp from one of these atrocious thermography clinics who missed breast cancer and a cancer red flag - inverted nipple or skin dimpling.

More clinics to avoid:

*Clinics using terms

          "inflammation” (which is very rare in the breasts)




          “toxic build-up"           

          These are not correct medical terms used by highly trained thermologists.

*Camera optical of below 480 – must search camera info online as clinics are now lying.

*Require a 3 month follow up.

*No sympathetic or cold stress challenge.

*Placing hands in cold water.

*Using a robe for cool down.

*Selling supplements, especially, natural estrogen blockers, bio-identical estrogen, breast health supplements, cleanses, etc.

*Clinics stating thermography is diagnostic or replaces mammography.

*Clinics stating thermography can determine if lumps are benign or malignant.

Report from an amateur breast thermography clinic

Does this look like a medical report? Ask yourself again - why is the medical community not accepting breast thermography?

Be picky-demand the best, your breast friends deserve it. I recommend that you go to clinics who are members of the Women’s Academy of Breast Thermography where each clinic is extensively trained to meet the minimum standard requirements. It is the ONLY academy founded and run by a woman, me, which is why I’m writing this awesome blog! ALL others are run by male physicians who can’t or don’t perform breast examination, no experience or education in gynecology and breast physiology which are an integral part of breast cancer screening and health. Duh?! Where are all the female physicians?!

I know what you are thinking; there aren’t clinics close to you. Rather than going to these sub-par clinics, educate them, be an activist for women, for your breasts. I’ve done all the hard work, S-H-A-R-E it. Demand your neighborhood thermography clinic meets the minimum standard guidelines. Demand your neighborhood wellness center/hormone specialist understands basic physiology and values your health over their bank account.

Our mothers were indoctrinated to trust the white coat, but we are a generation that questions! Does a male doctor understand your breast pain? Have empathy for your mood swings? Agonize over your heavy periods? Stress about your weight gain? Don’t fret! Not only have I experienced these same torments, but I have the answers you are seeking. My journey launched from these same issues and became my research. I will tell you how to fix ALL that, plus sooooo much more.

My cause is the entire package; I know you love “one-stop shopping.” Think of me as a Super Wal-Mart, buuuut if Wal-Mart was Bloomies, since I’m The Gold Standard. Plus, it is designed for the entire family. Bet you love me more now! My research is not just for you, but will include recommendations for your hubby and your little ones. Simple, realistic tips that you can begin using today for healthcare, breast cancer prevention, hormones, diet, nutrition, anti-aging, skincare, and work-outs.

To all my sisters out there I DARE (I’m old school), in fact I triple dog dare you to join me. YOU are being deceived! EDUCATE yourself! Be the smart one at the cocktail party; impress your friends with the latest research, the most progressive treatments.

RULE NO. 1 if you join this rebellion: You must SHARE! No excuses! Our sisters are sick, and as you know, we have lost many at younger ages, and now more than ever. SHARE. You don’t know who is looking for this lifesaving research.

This IS honest thermography. This is honest hormones. The answers are finally here, just be open to thinking outside the little teal box. Don’t become a lab rat like your mother was.

Made with heaps of love, insurmountable work, oodles of research, the usual blood, sweat, tears, and of course sacrifice of my social life and a few minor melt downs. #thebreastdoc Wendy Sellens DAOM WABT-BTI ~ THE No BS Breast Thermologist

Wendy Sellens is a Chinese medical doctor, breast thermologist, thermography and hormone researcher and protégé to William B. Hobbins M.D., one of the original mammography researchers, leading researcher in thermography and renowned breast surgeon. She is following her mentor’s pioneering spirit and is president of the consumer advocacy group the Women’s Academy of Breast Thermography, president of The Pink Bow Breast Thermography Research and Education non-profit, author of “Breast Cancer Boot Camp – Dr. Hobbins’s Thermography Revolution” and creator of the Estrogen Free® lifestyle to dramatically reduce risk of breast cancer and hormonal disorders in the entire family.

I’ve provided the TRUTH & I DARE you to…learn more…join the rebellion

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Wanna cheat?

Get all the info today, read the groundbreaking book "Breast Cancer Boot Camp-Dr. Hobbins’s Thermography Revolution."

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Want to learn more? Need questions answered? Take a class, attend Q&A, and get certified!!classes/c18dc

 *Clinics performing thermography for pain diagnosis is highly recommended as the muscles have referral patterns on the skin. For pain diagnosis color can be used for interpretation.

**Correct TH scoring system: From TH 1 normal or nonvascular to a score of TH 5 Severally Abnormal

 *** 2 Yelp reviews from "other" thermography clinics... 

1.  “The Letter I emailed 2x with no response:

   I am writing this to you now as I am going through chemotherapy, because I think you should know about what happened after I left your office last March with an all clear no cancer diagnosis. I think I will begin with when I first came to you about my breast lump, last November. When I approached with questions the man in the front reception said Thermal Imaging was the better way to go because it is more accurate and less invasive than mammograms which actually causes cancer. This aligned with which what I have been reading. He also said what ever I do don't go the conventional way because I will end up cut, burn, poisoned. I definitely was terrified of that. I had done my Google research etc...

   The Thermal Imaging report given to me called it a low grade tumor. You said "no cancer" verbally to me. I was so worried but you and recommended following the cleansing protocols and said breast cancer is the least of my issues right now, we need to get your system moving and then come back for a recheck in three months, which I did. During that time a few things did improve, but the lump was worrying me as it had began to pull my nipple inward. When I did return, and while she was doing the imaging camera, I asked her if she knew why my nipple was beginning to turn inward. She either seemed to not know or to be not at all concerned about it and dismissed the comment, saying that what I really needed to do was come in and begin doing the lymph machine. And she added it is coming from my teeth. When you came in I asked you the same question, and it did not seem to bother you either as you said there was no change, "come back in three months". I left your office with a small voice in the back of my mind saying that something was very wrong with the care and attention I had received. I felt at several times that my concerns and myself were being brushed off by you and your staff, and I have met others that feel the same way.

   I went to the dentist and there was no infection or root canal in my teeth associated with the breast meridians. I then went to a nurse practitioner who said that when a nipple inverts it is a classic sign of breast cancer. She also said it is not just a lump, it is a life threatening disease. I went to get a mammogram and the mammography doctor told me immediately that I had breast cancer. They told me that thermal imaging does not go deep enough to diagnose cancer, and in any case certainty requires a biopsy which I then had to make it official. Now after a mastectomy and now two lymphectomies yielding total of 20 cancerous lymph nodes. I then was sent for a PET scan to determine if cancer was else where in my body. Thank god it was not. It is finally determined that I have stage 3b breast cancer. All the while I was remembering I paid you good money to diagnose my lump and you said I was all clear. I trusted your diagnosis and all while the cancer was spreading.

   Can you explain why did Thermal Imaging not pick up all those cancerous lymph nodes? I used to believe in the philosophy behind your practice, but now I have received a harsh reeducation. My treatment was delayed by six months due to a misdiagnosis at your practice. I want to know why you are using Thermal Imaging to diagnosis breast cancer, and why you are relying on it solely with out any further study? Your practice may cause others their life. Is surely been proved from my experience that Thermal imaging can not possibly be an accurate way to diagnose breast cancer as it does not go deep enough? I feel like I was mislead, others say it should have had further study and just relying on one from of diagnosis is irresponsible. If I had continued to listened to you and kept getting rechecked I would be dying right now, while your practice would live on misdiagnosing breast cancer and other women will be dying in the future.”


2. "If they tell you they can find cancer early DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.  They will give you a great sells pitch about how they can spot cancer 5 years before a mammogram she will tell you they can tell you if you have fiber myalgia.  Then after the scan (scam) they email you a report.  It cost an extra $25.00 to have the doctor explain what it means.  The diagnoses is mostly generic.  My mom, sister and I all got the same recommendation and we are completely different. My mom DID have cancer and they did NOT see it!!!!!!!!   Then changes her story and says....we can see cells that may become cancerous.  They will sell you Psylium , Colloidal Bentonite , tell you to do a gall bladder flush etc... and come back in 6 months.  In other their products then pay to have another scan.  DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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